Q: What is due in week 1?
A: Nothing is due week 1 simply show up to class and lab on time and make sure you read through the lab procedures before each lab.

Q: What is due week 2?
A: The worksheet and answers to questions contained in lab procedure for week 1. 

Q: Is the work sheet/questions to be completed in groups or individually? 
A: Each person needs to submit their own worksheet printed out and the answers to the questions in the lab procedure are to be done as a group and handed in during week two's lab.

Q:Can we form groups of 3?
A: Groups of 3 will only be assigned if there is an odd number of students in a class and can not be requested.

Q: When are the weekly reports due?
A: Printed copy- One printed copy of report is due on the day of your lab section 
TurnitIn- One member per group should submit a digital copy by midnight before your next lab.

Q: Do both of the group members have to attach raw data at the back of the report?
A: Both students should have a set of data attached to the report also make sure to include the grading rubric at the front of the report.

Q: What is the process for regrading the reports?
A: If you have an issue with the grading of a lab report talk to your TA within 1 week of receiving the graded report and they will talk to the grader about changing the grade.

Q: Are there lab quizzes every week?
A: Quizzes will be given every week before the lab make sure to show up on time because you will be given 15 minutes to complete the quiz and if you are 15 minutes late you will get a 0 for the quiz.

Q: Are pre-lab questions to be handed in?
A: No pre-lab questions are there just to get you thinking about the labs and may be helpful for answering the prelab quiz.

Q: What is the code to the computer labs in EBU2?
A: Sign into  http://acms.ucsd.edu to find it.

Q: What does it mean when my A/B section got moved to A/B?
A: The only thing is that the room you will be taking your lab has moved across the hall so we don't have 2 half filled classrooms. You do not need to do anything on your end.